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Rudy Project

Rudy Project Racemaster

Rudy Project Racemaster

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Built for extreme performance and unparalleled protection, the Racemaster is Rudy Project combines aggressive design and superior comfort. Featuring cutting-edge safety tech, such as Hexocrush and MIPS®, the Racemaster sets a new bar in helmet protection.


- In-Mold technology allows us to cast the external polycarbonate outer shell directly during the injection stage of the expandable polystyrene (EPS) impact-absorbing foam. The result is a much more rigid structure which is knock-resistant and extremely light, allowing for better ventilation system. The combined action of the EPS structure, the polycarbonate cap and exo-skeleton creates resistance to the mechanical action exercised by an impact and dissipates the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the person wearing the helmet.

- Our helmets features internal and external protection grid moulded within the EPS structure. The protection grid is designed to reinforce the structure resistance in the event of impacts providing extra strength to the helmet.

- MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system with a unique low-friction layer between the head and the helmet. MIPS is scientifically proven to reduce some of the energy from angled impacts.

- Originally inspired by conehead technology and developed be extremely lightweight, this entirely new structure is one of the most advanced Rudy Project solutions. And it is designed to maximize your safety by ensuring unprecedented level of security. The liner is molded with two different foam densities and the hexagon-shaped structure provides improved shock absorption by dissipating impact forces sideways and radially. Thus, the Hexocrush reduces the g-force pressure on the head in case of falls or impacts

- Riders safety is one of the main goal of Rudy Project. Helmets, sunglasses and our bikewear collection are designed to provide the highest standard of performance and safety. All our lines are manufactured with finest materials while bright and fluorescent colours ensure perfect visibility on the road enhancing riders security and drawing drivers’ attention


- Dimension: XS(cm51 – 55 / 20,1” - 21,7”) - S-M(cm54 – 58 / 21,3” - 22,8”) - L(cm59 – 61 / 23,2” - 24”)
- Certifications: CE / EN 1078, CPSC12.03
- Weight: 270 g.


- 17 Vents Flow Through Ventilation
- Bug Stop Padding With Protective Net
- Divider Pro Side Buckles
- Fastex System Closure Buckle
- Free Padd Interchangeable Comfort Padding
- Mips Technology
- RSR 9 Adjustable Retention System
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